Community Outreach and Adult Education
Fueled by his passion for inspiring and engaging young people and adults alike through the arts, Mr. Schroeder has designed school shows for his brass quintet, Bravado Brass, and created adult education courses for both Brookline Adult and Community Education and New School of Music, Cambridge that coincide with celebrated music organizations' seasons.

“From Mouse to Mahler” is an innovative program that dives into music imagery and composition. Using the imagery of a mouse and elephant, the audience composes their own “chance music” masterpiece for brass. The audience makes musical choices to tell the story of our two characters with the help of the musicians. After the world premiere performance of la petite mousie et le grand éléphant, Bravado performs works from Mozart to Mahler, demonstrating how composers use music to illustrate ideas and tell stories.

   Grade Levels: 3–12

   Duration: 45 minutes
   Audience limit: 150

"It's a Brass Affair" 
sparks young people’s interest in the instruments of the brass family. Each musician explains why they chose their instrument and demonstrates skills unique to the instrument. Popular marches, rags, jazz standards, and movie themes recognizable to young listeners are performed, showcasing each instrument of our brass family. Through the music, Bravado illustrates how each musician contributes to the ensemble, underlining the importance of teamwork, focus and respect.

   Grade Levels: PreK–Grade 6
   Duration: 45 minutes
   Audience limit: 300; 100 (PreK)


The Vocal Music of Ralph Vaughan Williams

Featuring the music from the Cantata Singers 2011 season

One of Britain’s most recognized composers since Henry Purcell, Ralph Vaughan Williams created a unique musical signature and revitalized the English folk music tradition, weaving folk songs throughout his compositions. In this course we will listen to Vaughan Williams’ choral works, operas and song-cycles and discuss the significance of selected works. If you are a current subscribing to the Cantata Singers or simply yearning to explore the vocal works of one of Britain’s most celebrated composer, this class provides an excellent overview.

Piano Sonatas and Symphonies of Beethoven

Featuring the music from the Landmarks Orchestra and BSO Tanglewood summer season

Beethoven. The name only elicits as much passion and vitality present in all of his music. While we all have some inclination of the man, his music and his struggles, this interactive course will explore not only his extraordinary existence but his incredible sense of musical pathos and personal experience that he wove through his compositions, particularly his piano sonatas and symphonies. Many performances of his music are scheduled this summer, including nearly his entire collection of symphonic works presented by Boston's Landmark Orchestra and the BSO at Tanglewood. By taking this class, you will gain a strong understanding of Beethoven's music through discussions of his historical background, predecessors and influences, and the significance of his contributions. In addition, we will learn how to listen to his works in performance through an aural analysis of selected excerpts.

As an active music educator, Schroeder is the Director of Community Engagement and Music Director of the Dudamel Orchestra for Conservatory Lab Charter School's El Sistema program and collaborates with classroom teachers to develop music-infused curricula for their "Learning Through Music" academic approach. Since 2012, Schroeder has presented at numerous conferences throughout the nation on El Sistema, music-infused curriculum, and best practices for creating and sustaining music programs. In 2013, Schroeder was recognized as a Top 10 Finalist for "Best of US" national search to help identify and celebrate the unsung heroes and activities that make America great. In 2014, he invited to join Conn Selmer's National Education Support Network, working with music educators across the nation on best teaching practicing. 


Conductor  |  Educator  |  Social Advocate


Students explore the relationship between art, music, and poetry as they investigate one of the most pivotal periods in American history—the Great Migration. An immersion experience featuring Jacob Lawrence’s The Migration Series invites students to step inside the narrative of the Great Migration and understand why millions of African Americans made the journey from the South to the North, changing the demographic landscape of our nation. The video to the right is an excerpt from a group of fourth graders from Conservatory Lab performing their original blues compositions at the ​House of Blues in Boston, MA. 

El sistema Showcase 2016
advanced orchestra - Farandole
Students perform WITH CELEBRITY SERIES, 
Music-Infused Curriculum Example | Going North: African American Journeys (Social Studies/ELA/Music)