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Caged Bird | Amplifying Youth Voices

Since March 2020, our team at Boston Music Project has continued to develop new and creative ways of engaging with youth through virtual teaching and demonstrating how music and art can offer a first step in Social-Emotional Learning and healing during the pandemic.

Our latest student project resulted in two multi-movement digital music compositions, "Caged Bird" and "Reflections," which challenged students to think critically and expressively about the meaning of freedom and how to persevere during the moments when one feels caged. Check out the full album below!

Full Album Available on SoundCloud


'Caged Bird' Inspired Original Dance!

After the release of the "Caged Bird" album, youth dancers at Urbanity Dance choreographed an original dance inspired by the third track on the album, "Grave of Dreams." Check out their performance, featured on the Urbanity Dance Gala in April 2021.

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